Hello! My name is Kelli, and this is my microblading journey

I stumbled into the semi-permanent makeup industry in my own search for a solution to my thinning brows! I was 28 and noticing my eyebrows were getting thinner and thinner, and I knew I wasn't plucking them that way! I finally accepted there was no hope to get my natural bushy, Brooke Shields brows back and went searching for another solution. 

I found some amazing semi-permanent makeup artists in cities like Miami, LA, New York, but I had a hard time finding a microblading artist in Houston that fit my needs. After many months of searching and waiting, I eventually got microblading and realized, "WOW this is life changing!". My face looked more polished and put together. I felt more confident and even like I looked younger! And I didn't have to fill my brows in everyday anymore! 

I knew right away, this industry was where I wanted to be. I got my microblading certification in May 2017 and have been giving that same feeling to women in the Houston area ever since! I spend my days meeting and talking to beautiful, interesting women, and making their lives just a little bit better by the end of their time with me, and I get to call it "work".  The best part of each appointment is seeing my clients' happy faces and hearing, "OMG, I HAVE BROWS!"